Kedra Dawkins

ADG Local 800 Assistant Art Director


About Kedra


A Self Starter...

Kedra Dawkins is a passionate, multi faceted artist committed to creativity and full self-expression through cinema and artistry. She studied environmental design at Cal Poly Pomona and has a BA degree in technical theatre and design with an emphasis in theatrical and costume design. She has been developing her skills over the years in production design and obtained a Master’s degree from the American Film Institute Conservatory (AFI) in 2014. She was selected for the first Leslie Frankenhiemer scholarship from the Set Decorator’s Society of America and one out of 3 chosen for the Art Director’s Guild’s Production Design Apprentice Program. Her feature film, For Here or To Go screened for Congress at the House of Representatives in 2016. 

In addition to her network television experience on American Crime, Scandal, and Snowfall, she has also worked in costume and fashion design. Kedra’s commitment to bringing a story to life on screen has her connected to not only what it means to be a filmmaker, but the essence of being an artist. Currently she is working as an Art Director in the  Art Directors Guild - Local 800 union.